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Great model, Great Video Except the is a stutter-start at 01:01__01:10. This is on the 4K version, not the 1080 version. Must be a defective file.

My goodness. This site has the most adorable hotties.

You just gotta love this LUBED niche. It gets me reaching for the tissues so fast. I dunno, I just love the glistening wet flesh. So... so... WET. Yummy.

more massaes please

Jmac? Any scene with that “I gotta choke a bitch” Neanderthal gets an automatic 2 star reduction when I rate videos.

Gianna is hotter than Georgia asphalt in August and she streams up my screen every time, but her talent and beauty doesn’t deserve to be choked, Plus, I think she is a little hotter with a landing strip than a bald eagle. She is a fantastic combination of looks, talent and enthusiasm. Pair her up with almost anyone else, though... please!

The video is no longer available !?

I really liked this scene. The actors had good chemistry. She of course has a wonderful body; I especially like her pussy and her breasts which just beg to be played with. No tats is a plus with me, and I liked the jewelry she wore. I think everyone involved did a really nice job, and I'm definitely going to be looking for her in the future.

the girl is very nice but the ending ruins all, a little cum om face,, best would be a creampie or something different, cum on ass on pussy, bt nver with so few sperm, all the sites are going down

Damn! It has been over a month since the lat update.

Great scene, Diamond was stunningly gorgeous and it was so great to see Ashton Kutcher back on the screen;)

Gianna is so incredibly stunning, she makes every scene she is in gorgeous. It was hilarious how quickly she was at wiping off that ending facial. I am so looking forward to the day when a beautiful woman after being demeaned by a facial cumshot redeems herself by getting off her knees and plants a passionate cum covered kiss on her co-stars lips. So far the only woman I have seen do this has been Ivy Wolfe and it was truly earth shatteringly erotic and beautiful to witness.

So ok pornpqol77e if they are just performers than why cast them on a story based site? Just leave them for non-story based sites. It is incredible hard to engage imagination when you can tell the woman are really just not into it. Now of course I know there are plenty of better story based sites out there but come on you can put in some effort, just put your big boy pants on and give them some direction, these hard working performers deserve at least that.

Asuna Fox please . I love her body , especially her cute little butt

seriousy what is with the creampie bitching? its the most boring cum option on the planet... understand not everyone likes boring shit like you guys and realize there are other demands for porn companies to meet other than your preference. jesus christ creampie lovers bitch morle than lwomenll l

I think some viewers expect way too much from our performers. They are performing, they are not paid to be convincing or act at the highest caliber, as in convincing you they are really raping a sister! As with all porn, you are required to engage your imagination, suspend reality and join the fantasy. We do not really want to believe brothers rape sisters, mothers or that fathers fuck daughters. It happens, it is illegal in the real world. This is fantasy, boys.

More Jasmine please.

Where I can buy one of this girls

Beautiful scene, Alexa is absolutely stunning. Although that first "cumshot" was a little disappointing, thankfully you followed it up with a gorgeous anal creampie, should have done that with both cumshots. Please bring Alexa back she is enchanting.

Hübsches Höschen hat sie an . Perfekt zum arschficken

Beautiful girl and cumshot

Nice anal creampie for miss Tomas at the end. Always nice to see this french babe get her butthole played with. The video seems to go out of focus a lot though, especially when it's not close up shot.

Outstanding facial ending. Strongly prefer them to creampies.

Asuna Fox is a stunner. Many more scenes with her please.