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Loved watching her stroke her clit with those blue fingernails but would have liked to see more of his cum dripping out of her pussy at the end. However she's very hot and fucks with enthusiasm.

Wow I hate the camerawork. All of those shots from far away are ridiculous. I get it. It's a spy camera. Who gives a fuck. No. Zoom out. I wanna see more of the f' ken room.

That was a great scene which had just about everything for everyone. I loved the pov mish and bj. Masterfully shot!

who is the dark skin girl with the brunette hair at the end of 0:07??

Perfect scene! Love the anal POV. Christina is gorgeous here.

Now THAT's a creampie!! Cheers!

Very cute! Could we have the same in a creampie scene?

She's skilled and cute. Please bring her in a creampie scene (close-up, pulsating cock filling style is nice) Cheers!

Minor quibble, I know these girls are actors, but could at least some effort be made to make it look like someone actually knows how to play the piano? Otherwise great scene. Could watch Whitney's swollen clitoris all day!

So many things to like about this scene: the extended attention to her pleasure by prolonging pussy licking, a long cowgirl scene, and a dripping cream pie. While a facial cumshot is always nice to see, I like to imagine the pleasure that he feels when cumming inside her.

The one decent scene you managed was with Tommy Gunn in Fantasy-HD. In this scene you have blubber belly Preston Parker who is sporting the fat flabby physique of a 65 year old man who hasn't done a sit up in ages. How does one fuck up scenes with Kasey Warner? Put her on the PornProsNetwork.

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Great but, when an all lesbian lubed scene?

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I think she was pretty excited to do the scene

Yeah. You guys can do better.

Love this girl! More of her please.

Well at least it wasn't anal for a change.

Right, she's "ugly" and I'm sure you are real attractive, fucking loser. Shut the fuck up, you couldn't hook up with a woman that looks like her on your best day.

Great scene until the ending, creampies are the worst, they are about as useful and exciting as a third nipple! Such a beautiful face and sensual mouth deserves to be painted.

shes ugly af, you guys seriously couldnt get anyone better ?

Yet another winner creampie scene performance by Athena! A hands down 10 star scene!

Like he actors, not the idea of the scene. A total fuck-up with the nonsense of being tied up, and all the dumb ass behavior by hot Adria. Not surprised that this is loser site in the midst of mainstream.

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