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Good video with a pretty girl. It took to long on the blow job which is like a lot of porn I like hearing her say how good it felt and would like to hear it said more. Why can't the guy play with her pussy to help her get off?

Hot scene - great toy play!

Sexy little fuck doll. Great scene. Great camera angles

Jordana has ceased to exist. Her previous comments have disappeared. RIP Jordana1988.

What a sexy girl. Pov mish and bj were amazing. The guy did a great job of keeping his manhands out of the picture. As much as possible.

Perfect Harmony indeed! Yet another hands down 10 star creampie performance from her in this scene!

Of porn newcumers in 2018, Mia Collins is the one who's impressed me as having the most potential so far, being particularly strong in the looks & sex appeal department. Though I still miss that creampie scene w/her that would have cast all doubt aside.

Tiff is a very beautiful performer, but compared to her previous Holed scene, which was spectacular, this is more like a standard run thing.
Hope for a creampie scene with her on one of the sister sites however.

I'm so tired of watching the dude jack himself off on a pretty girl. Why can't the girl take care of it?

As always, Tiffany delivers. She's a pro.

Harmony is so pretty and innocent looking, I like her work.

Great body, she really likes to get fucked and shows great enthusiasm. Great new performer.

nothing sexy about inverted nipples and bright white skin with a bunch of freckles and this whore was so ugly the guy had to jack off for a while just to cum up her nose

it was boring hearing her repeat OHH MYY GOSHH through the whole scene and I would never have let a man jack off to cum

boring as always, she is a blowup doll

Yes she is very pretty and sexy. I like how she smiles all through the video like she is really enjoining herself.

One hot piece of ass. I wish I had had a stepmom like her that wanted her ass fucked. She should have told him he would have to take care of her craving from now on.

Eddie is so hot for Chance's big dick and almost chokes on it! Too bad Chance didn't give a little in return before driving Eddie crazy with a hot fuck. I'd like to see Eddie team up with Ollie or Arad.

excellent nut sucking. VBery sexy.

Overdose with this guy Johnny Castle , too much scene with him.

Another 10 star scene, and Rebel's best scene anywhere so far IMO.