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Damn, words can not fully describe the intense beauty that is the Wolfe. She brings it to every scene and holds nothing back. I feel bad for her co-stars, who continually fail to keep up with her of course not many could. She is simply amazing!

Boring usual stuff. No dialogue during sex. It looked like they were just going through the motions business as usual

tiny4bwwh33,,yes because Porn Pros main focus should be to satisfy you and your preferences because you speak for everyone (dripping sarcasm). You fucking idiot., quit if you don't like it and shut the fuck up.

If a 25 year old is classed as mature these days then I must be classed as dead!

Wow! Those boobs are really ... enhanced!! But even though they are obviously after-market, still pretty hot!

Lol this bitch is possessed.... but i fucking love it

nasty old whore boobs look horrible

mediocre actors with little enthusiasm, please don't tell me that this is what this site has become? *sigh*

Cute body. She's great!!

Getting pissed on during sex is just stupid. What's next a little shit for a change up? No Thanks!! I'll pass on this type of porn.

Where is the ass fucking?

Not a big fan to the huge fake tits. Let's have natural mature women please.

My God she is hot! Those tits especially, with those absolutely wonderful nipples. The way she played with them during the last part of the scene was like to drive me insane! The guy was fine, and he had a nice load of cum for her, which would have made for a nice deep creampie, but oh well ... it was a wonderful scene anyway. Now I have to see some of her others.

Enough with the "moms fucking teenagers" crap.

GOD DAM!!! A guy who can actually cum without jacking himself off!!! Are you kidding me right now!!!!??? I'd pay extra if they'd let the women finish off like this more often!!! I'm so tired of watching guys jack themselves off, if I wanted to see that I'd subscribe to a gay site. THANK YOU for letting the woman finish things!!!

I loved this. The way she led him into sex with her was great, with the wonderful breast and then pussy massage. I love her hairy pussy. The actual fucking was slow and sensual, like real people do it sometimes. Just wonderful overall. It would have been perfect with a creampiie, but the facial was kind of out of place with the intimate atmosphere of the reset of the scene. Anyway, it's going to be one of my favorite repeats for a long time, I think.

One of the BEST SCENES EVER!!!

Most of your camera angles are very poor.

Wish it, want it, you Blew it again. Another couple of duds for the network today. It's not Mia's fault. What a waste.

I swear. Regarding the comments. For some reason this network of sites has the most abrasive, petty and hostile ppl. Just because some ppl like cumshots, some like creampies, some like pov, some like anal. I thnk the overall message here is to grow up.

Emily IS Gorgeous!

Can't believe u fuckers couldn't do a couple minutes of pov missionary or at least doggy!.............i know... this message is redundant.