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would like to see some men who ejaculate with solid cum "ropes". I'm sure you are familiar with the term but when the man ejaculates forcefully and there are 3 ore more "ropes" of cum it is very very exciting to watch.

Love that big hunk of pussy meat!

Very handsome models but the cameraman insists on filming only extreme close up shots of blurry taints or bouncing balls. Video after video is like this. Can't you pull the camera back and just show the guys interacting with each other?

One of Arielle Faye's best scenes. She was fantastic, and is sorely missed. True, the ending wasn't perfect but her facial was delivered and accepted so much better than the majority of them.

Another great scene with Kendra Spade. Her oral was fantastic, and the sex was intense. Plot, maybe not so much. But we're here for porn, not poetry. Please keep bringing her back to the sites and showcasing her talents & beauty.

Mmmmm i love it that way hard and deep

Why all the bruises on Adria, did someone beat her legs up?

The music is great!

i liked her, and this guy is the best thing that every happened to her. we need more like this, and more of him.

stop with the fake creampies, it's totally obvious and not hot at all

Which one is the thick and big one?

illuminati confirmed @15:55

yes, finally Jessica at Holed ! impressive open air scene ! love the dildo play , excellent blowjob and intensive anal sex : the cum swallowing is good as well as the facial,

Jesus Christ,! Look at the size of her clit, fucking awesome!

her tits are fake for the record. great scene with a great girl, but those tits are completely fake

i remember i have seen this guy in another porn after i have seen him on this site, his dick is about average and he doesn't shoot that much cum lol

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It is great to see Tyler put a little tenderness is this scene. He did a little kissing as he was pounding the guys ass. Thought he still fucked the hell out of this guy he added that touch of of caring who he had his cock in. Nice change up, keep it up.

This format is a waste of a couple of terrific performers. Far inferior to conventional production with 1 or 2 cameramen possessing brains capable of choosing the best shot at any particular moment.

Beautiful woman but she appears either nervous and/or doubting her decision to enter the XXX business.

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