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I wish I could fuck the shit out of her. She's perfect in every single way.

He was very lucky to fuck someone as beautiful as Asuna. Question: why didn't he respect her in the end when she tried to slow him down? Have to say some of the male talents don't know how lucky they are and have a lot to learn in the manners dept! Maybe more of them should be fucked in the ass?

Would be a hot scene if the video wasn't a total mess! Quality really not good and not up to Gayrooms past standards. Some other video scenes are jerky and stop- start. and need to be adjusted. Just sayin'.

Why is the filming so lazy? Where are all the different camera angles?

Really poor, overused "lost dog" concept. Took a whole week to come up with this idea?

Asuna Fox is an instant favorite. This is the second scene I've seen of her and she's a wet dream cum true. There were two editing issues I had with this scene. We didn't get to see the insertion into her ass. It just cut right to her getting fucked anally. The ending was cut off too soon after she finally ejected the sploog. I prefer oral cumshaws anyway, but there's been a tendency lately to cut away too soon at the end of scenes. Asuna is glorious, though! I'm glad for the POV on this site.

Lena is beautiful.

Not gonna lie, that didn't feel very hatefuck-y

This guy needs to retire. Homie hasn’t busted a true nut in years

The guy is Bruce Venture and he seldom stays hard throughout an entire scene. Guess some directors like the floppy dick effect.

Did he even come? Wtf kinda load was that?

Why do these girls have more than one name ? Liilly Ford is Lilly Lit...a lot of them perform under more than one name for some reason.

Fantastic ass and pussy on this girl. Now let’s see her fuck a dude who can stay hard and do a cumshot.

Playful and inviting while still being erotic?! More like this please!

Lilly Lit looks very much like Lilly Ford. Lilly Lit is also hot and sexy like Lilly Ford. Hope our favorite fireball, Lilly Ford, doesn't mind the comparison.

Facial in the title and he barely reaches her chin /facepalm

She deserves better scenes than this....

Amazing ass & legs! The POV at 20:50 is hottt. I like her.

She's great, but please stop wasting my time with these fake cream pies. It's so obvious.

She's okay. Not my favorite, but from the other comments, she obviously has her fans.

Another solid performance by Kristen Scott. But almost didn't recognize her at first with that new hairstyle.

Before watching the scene, for some reason or another I was damned sure it would end with a facial. But thankfully it didn't :-).
And Lilly sure is one of the most energetic little sex spinners out there.
And to all fake cum trolls out there: Have a nice weekend!

There are about a million scenes of this whore out there so why do we need another one? Also, more fake cum? You guys are gonna lose subscribers with that shit.