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5k videos on all scenes aren't playing video just the sound, making it impossible to download in 5k. Why not make the download button just start the download rather than starting the video and having to save the video from there?

Chloe Temple with her strong cute factor is like made for making HOT creampie scenes.
Another 10/10.

For a mum w/enhanced boobs, I must admit she still didn't look all that bad, and with a creampie I would have given it a 10, and not just an 8.
When the action is so hot as here, up until the last minute or so, it just looks so daft when he breaks off and begins to wank himself off in her face.

although the camera work was exceptional but lacking, the performance of the actors was absolutely award winning work unmatched in the industry even at the best level. The hard work of the male actor was rock solid. and the female nips were as perky as just about anything Shirley temple ever even thought of. And the wardrobe was perfect. The location was not much better than a trailer park down by the river, which is apparent from the choice of props to fulfill any basic needs of a hard fuckin.

I'm waiting for anal scene with her <3

can you believe this cunt was born in 2000?!?!?!

@reptill1, really ?
Most of the video is cuts in which she just teleports into a certain position while already moving. Like from pussy tasting straight to her riding him ... Or from reverse cowgirl straight to doggystyle.
The video is short, 24 mins total. As for camera work, there are little to no close-ups, the angles are weird and everything is in "Gonzo" style.
PureMature has transformed into Brazzers, with bad editing. There's nothing special anymore about this website.

great scene she is sexy we need more of her.

Chloe is such a sexy little mynx. I love it.

I hate nipple piercings. Very distracting from natural beauty. Bad lighting ruins the color.

Please don't chop off her head. Improve your framing by turning the camera.

Everything about this scene was spectacular. Good lighting, good framing, beautiful actors. Incredible! Except... why must the guy jerk himself at the end??? There is a stunning beauty there to get him off, and you have him jerk himself??? Get rid of this practice.

wetvr is right. how do you download?

I don't get the site. how do you download this video? you click download and it just opens the video.

I'm not into this girl at all. And she is putting weight.

Great scene! Gorgeous woman but I thought the camera work was Really good.

we need more women on here that have big breast / big butts / hairy pussies / more older women / bbw

The video identified as 1080 wmv is actually 720 resolution.

Guys, please, change this eye fish lens.

Gorgeous woman, terrible camera "work" and editing...

should tell these girls to at least TRY to pretend to enjoy this, otherwise it's like rape or at the least forced sex.

Really? This guy can't cum for real? how stupid. STOP with the fake cum. It's NOT good.

HATE stupid creampie. I can creampie my wife. this is fantasy, fucking facials is what wives don't do