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is allie coming back soon? I have joined so many other sites, even bad quality sites just to get more scenes with allie in them. she is really awesome. her stage personality is tops, and her body is perfect. love her hair curly, straight. length is perfect. absolutely love the long, meaty cunt lips, and the poky nipples. would love to hear her talk more in the scenes too, sexy little talk during the action. just bring her back soon plz. looks like I am not the only one on the board who

I didn't realize this network was such bullshit and such a rip-off. 3 of the sites having been active for months, eve years, and the rest combined average 1 scene a day all for the great price of $69.95 a month, AFTER one has subscribed to one of the sites for $17.95 a month in which case one is paying for the same site TWICE. I couldn't wait to go to the billing service and cancel any future automatic renewal, so I DON''T GET FOOLED AGAIN, YOU MF FRAUDS!!!!

where the fuck is reverse cowgirl

Greatest finish of all time Alexis sucked the cum right out of his dick jesus fucking christ

Yes, like that! Thank you!

We need more impregnation scenes!

Terrible camera work. Lousy framing.

Bring her back! This was one of the best scenes

So glad Uma's reappearance 3 or 4 weeks ago wasn't a one off. This is her 3rd video in recent weeks and she is looking awesome Feel free to bring her back on 1 of your 13 sites at least once a month indefinitely. :-)

Great pov shots buts needs a little bit longer of a intro would b nice.

Mature? If you say so, I guess. She looks gorgeous, natural, young. Tame scene for such a woman.

cum is so fake

Transitions please! Mounting, and getting into positions are just as important as the rest of the scene!

All videos are generally pretty good. Please don't discount non-POV videos... Normal scenes filmed with 3D would be great too.

In terms of looks & style, Avery reminds me quite a bit about Naomi Swann. And by the hot look of her blowjobs, I guess Avery is as super hot a creampie scenes performer. as Naomi as well.

There's an issue with the "Oculus / Vive" files, at 29:30 the right eye frame freezes for about 10 seconds, until the scene transitions, Quite jarring

Search Avery Cristy you can find FREE videos of her that work !!

A study was done that says pound for pound Puerto Rican's are the most beautiful people. Autumn Falls is living proof!

no more scenes?*

How about either posting updates or informing members that you're not taking any new members and close the site? No Updates this year is ridiculous but you're still willing to take our $$!

Her dirty talk was amazing. I'm usually not a fan of POV but this was amazing. Can't tell if thats a real creampie though.

Leafing through fantasies is on here twice